Baahubali 2 Movie Review : Cast, Screenplay and Collections

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Baahubali 2 Movie Review from the Perspective of a Movie Buff

I am one of those people who are made to watch every movie that I do watch at least three to four times. I am movie buff myself, which means most movies are watched first or second day – whether by way of bunking work, or with friends. And then, despite all the learnings from Pyaar Ka Punchnama, I am more than willing to accompany office ladies for their movie sojourn. And then, one last time is with missus. She develops the craving to watch a movie post handful of reviews and recommendations. In such a scenario, how could I miss writing the Baahubali 2 Movie review.

Baahubali 2  has been the task I have never undertaken before. Everyone wanted to watch it on Day01. And trust me ladies and gentlemen; I watched it thrice before the Day 02 had passed.

Being a male, Dangal had swelled my chest with pride. A father raising his daughter into unconventional sports in the Haryana hinterland is an achievement. But if there have been any 3 hours that have given me goosebumps more than two dozen times and if there is a movie that has not allowed  me to steal a look from the screen for even seconds is Bahubali 2.

Baahubali 2 Movie Review : Can Very Well Leave the Classics of Indian Cinema Behind

This one leaves behind India’s magnum opus ‘Mughal-e-azam’ way behind in the consideration. Not a single movie since K Asif’s coronation of Madhubala as Anarkali has even touched that epitome. For the last two years, India has been obsessed with ‘Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara’. These 3 hours are the true reflection of India’s history. Watching Prabhas in the lead role instantly takes you make to the historic moments when Chandragupta, Samudragupt and Asoka ruled the continent. Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Bajirao would have been unparalleled warriors of their time with similar or even more might and chivalry.

After decades, SS Rajamouli has brought to life the true essence of an Indian Man. Not only does my chest swell with pride, but my eyes give way to the overwhelming emotions welled up for years. When the likes of bollywood – Bhatts, the Johars, the Khans have reduced female leads to an object of sexual desire, the screen time Devsena is an exemplification of how women have held their heads high with pride, self-respect and as equal amongst men. This is where you see the reflection of Rani Padmavati, Rani Laxmibai and countless such warrior women of Rajputana, Maratha and other dynasties. Bahubali not only does justice to screen space for its female leads, but ensures that they are desirable and yet respectful, hypnotise their lovers with as much ease as they make sure that their warrior spirit and self-respect is not compromised.

From Direction to Screenplay; From Acting to Action, Everything is perfect in Baahubali 2

Lets start the Baahubali 2 movie review from technical aspects –

The screenplay where Bahubali promises Devsena to uphold her self-esteem and ethics on way to Mahishmati gets off into the waters to pave way for her to cross over the boat over his shoulders and arms makes every man feel like a hero. This is what a complete man looks like – loving, caring, respectful and in complete awe and surrender to his woman. And yet, providing everything necessary to keep her comfort in order. Machismo is not about teasing or taunting a girl and forcing her to love you back. It is this absolute love that reflects in each and every action.

Lets focus on the acting of actors in our next para of Baahubali 2 movie review 

In Prabhas, Indian Cinema has discovered a superstar. Tall, handsome, respectful, charming and an agile lover. When he walks towards the audience drawing his sword, he look like a reflection of the Lord Shiva himself who has for ever held the supreme place as an ideal man in the minds of millions across India. Anoushka, with her graceful screen presence commands respect and love way beyond any of the silly dancing around the trees or the hero actresses of Bollywood have been able to.

Bahubali is not just an epic movie. It is like the true reflection of ancient India in the spirit that has often being underplayed. Right from childhood, we have been indoctrinated to believe differently – whether that was the Discovery of India or the concocted scripts of the Mughals and the Sultans.

Well, I will not break your excitement by revealing ‘Kattappa ne bahubali ko kyu maara’ but today I am confident to see that much in the manner Europeans forced their calendars upon us to believe in time as AC and BC revolving around Christ, India Cinema timelines will now be BB and AB, short for Before Bahubali and After Bahubali.

Baahubali 2 Box office collections are all set to break the records:

With all the hype that was associated with the release of this magnum opus, it comes as no surprise that the movie is on its way to break the collection records set by the likes of Dangal and Kaabil.

The official numbers are being put together by the trade pundits but if the inside word is to be believed then the movie has crossed the 100crore mark on its first day after being released on more than 8000+screens. Despite a slow start in Tamil Nadu, the movie is likely to speed up the collections this week – the advance bookings for the movie are still going strong.

baahubali 2 movie review

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