No, I am not a victim of circumstances. I am changing them.

From under the wraps, its all out in the open. Everyone loves to expose themselves – verbatim. From women being victimised to minorities feeling unsafe, from political vendetta to an entire country feeling that the world is up in arms against it, everyone is obsessed with playing the victim card.

Whatever happened to the believers in the Darwin’s theory of evolution? Did that ever state sobbing and begging for survival was going to empower you to stay? Nature acts to preserve and accumulate advantageous mutations, which could be physiological, psychological or functional so that the next generation inherits them leaving the superior members. Now that we have common understanding on the theory, how does playing victim amount to advantageous selection?

You have Swara Bhaskar feeling like a ‘vagina’ because Bhansali portrayed Jauhar as an act of valour on the curtains of Padmavat. But she has no qualms using the anatomy to her benefit when it pays on screen. Recently we had one of the top office bearers of the country crib about a certain community feeling unsafe who had no such bearings all the while he enjoyed top notch luxury in office. Then there are the likes of Rana Ayyub and Prakash Raj running pillar to post begging for relief because they feel certain communities are being victimised.

And then, there are the doers – people who go about doing the right things – for themselves and for the community, for the country and the planet at large.

Sometimes, I find it encouraging. There are 7 Billion of us on the planet. Imagine the amount of harm we could have done to each other if all of us starting playing the ‘victim card’. Imagine if every woman found empowerment in only marching out with the ‘pink panties’ brigade. There would be no Kalpana Chawla and no Indira Nooyi. If every community –  minority or no minority, focussed on the victim card, there would be no Abdul Kalam and no Ratan Tata. If every country focussed only on their weaknesses, there would be no Bhutan and no Israel.

If you love to play the victim card too, remember you are victim of your own creation. The world is an equal opportunity play field for everyone on a quest to change the status quo. And for the naysayers, indulge yourself because the doers are getting things done! And they are the ones nature would choose to take forward on the planet & perhaps to beyond.

Not you … you wailing douchebag!

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