Pregnancy Labour women

Pregnancy Labor – Important Things To Remember

Pregnancy Labor Child birth can be a beautiful time but it can be very painful and confusing, too, especially if it is your first child and you don’t know what you are supposed to do. Before knowing […]

List of AIIMS in India | Facts About AIIMS

AIIMS in India The health sector of India took a new shape when one of our ex heath minister announce the launch of AIIMS in India. The AIIMS hospital is regarded as one of the best hospitals across […]

Futile Struggle of Stubborn Belly Fat

The Stubborn Belly Fat Lush Black hair, Glowing skin, timid eyes but stubborn belly fat. Despite using hi-tech fat reducing machines to granny’s homemade remedies, nothing seem to reduce your waistline size. Ever wondered, what could be […]

drinking water in morning for good life

Top 10 Reasons For Drinking Water In Morning

Drinking water in morning Numerous studies have been conducted over the years about the importance of drinking ample amount of water. But one thing that people don’t know about is that by drinking water in morning, even […]

Mindfulness Meditation for women

Mindfulness Meditation : How It Helps Women

Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation is the need of the hour for the women to combat the “negative affect” – a mental vibration that stimulates mood swings in a woman, a recent study mentions. What is Mindfulness meditation? […]