Medical Council To Doctors: Prescribe Medicine Without Endorsement

medical council on costly medicines

Why Medical Council Came Into Action

WE are now celebrating 60+ years of republic day. But still starvation, poverty and health hazards are as common as they were 60 years ago but we never saw medical council in action. Reformations and technology have made significant development. However, the masses still struggle the access to basic facilities granted by the government because of the clever moves adopted by various professionals at lower levels.

One of such moves that have recently caught Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attention rests on the fact that Doctors prescribe medicines that are not generic in nature. It implies that the prescription is a piece of paper that just not includes medical treatment but is also an advertisement for brands that sell medicines on heavy cost. Value for money is not justified.

Indian medical council


What Medical Council Adviced

Recently, the medical watchdog of India has commanded doctors to prescribe drugs that are is comprehensive and sustains value for money. A legal framework has been set that states that doctors should prescribe low-cost generic medicines to patients.

In a recent inauguration of a multi-specialty hospital, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentions the dilemma faced by the common man in understanding the doctor’s handwriting. The common man ends up buying it from private stores at higher prices.

A generic drug is similar to a brand name drug in all forms including its dosage, effects, credibility, quality and performance characteristics. Even though its characteristics are identical, generic drugs are sold at substantial discounts as compared to brand name drugs.

Under the IMC Act, all the registered medical practitioners are subjected to abide by the regulations without fail. The National List of Essential Medicines,2015, is also getting revised for the addition of more number of medicines. The Jan Aushadhi program is being reinforced by the government to provide essential medicines at discounted rates.

How the implementation is done, for example, A doctor is required to write the name of the salt or the drug component instead of brand name. For example, Paracetamol prescribed for a common cold should be written on the prescription instead of instead of the name of the brand i.e. calpol or crocin.

Like everything, it has its own pros and cons, drugs with various components in varied amounts cannot be prescribed easily without details of the name of the brand. And thereby, capturing the loophole.


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